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A REAL online business model!

I opened my first office in 2004. Let me tell you how it went, so you can get a FULL understanding of what a REAL business is.

My first office space cost me $800.00 deposit and $400.00 PER MONTH.

Just because I had an office meant absolutely nothing!  I also had to buy office furniture… Oakwood desk, an executive chair, plants, a clock radio, a file cabinet, a phone, and a huge picture to cover the gigantic blank wall.  That was about $4000.

Just because I had the Office AND the furniture meant NOTHING unless people KNEW how to find me.  I had to PAY (YES I SAID PAY) for advertising. I purchased business cards, I placed ads in the greensheet, etc…

I had to get out and network DAILY to bring awareness to my office and my services.

Once I got my SECOND office space, it was BIGGER because of expansion… my office rent was higher but I didn’t need new furniture because I already had the furniture from my first place.  Although I had the basic necessities… I added a new station for my braid clients, a styling chair, and a mirror.  That was another $1000.00.  This new office allowed me to be able to take care of website design business up front and braid and style hair in the other section.  Which allowed me to generate more income from one place.

Why did I expand?  Because I BELIEVE in my abilities.  Why  did I invest MORE?  Because to whom much is given much is required.  If you are willing to invest in yourself, you will most likely be willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

In todays world… there is a NEW thing called the INTERNET.

Your OFFICE SPACE is your WEBSITE.  Your RENT is your HOSTING and AUTORESPONDER, and other software.  Your FURNITURE is your LOGO, and GRAPHICS and BANNERS.  Your Advertising is your Facebook ads, your craigslist paid ads, your backpage paid ads, your Instagram Paid ads, and your business cards.

Instead of investing $5000 – $6000 to start, you can get away with only investing $500 – $1000 because everything is online.  With the internet, your WEBSITE which should be your SYSTEM will work while you are sleeping!  That’s a REAL business model.

If YOU believe in yourself, there is no reason why you should be afraid to invest in YOU.

When YOU invest in YOU… you get YOUR OWN website designed, you push YOUR OWN products, you advertise YOUR OWN services, there is NO company for you to blame for your failures… everything lies on YOU!  If YOU have it in YOU, then YOU will do what it takes.


I can help you if you are ready to be helped.

go to if you are ready to take CONTROL of your future.

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What marketers need!

Most newbie marketers need a “done for you” system because they don’t know how to build the system on their own.

Intermediate marketers also use “done for you” systems because they have not yet learned to build a system and it’s more convenient and they can just plug in and promote the system without the headache of creating a system of their own.

Advanced marketers actually do both! Advanced marketers have systems, ebooks, courses, AND they plug into other people’s SYSTEM’S. WHY? Because they have sense enough to know that EVERYONE is NOT going to buy into THEIR product, and they are not foolish enough to lose money by letting the arrogance of the words “my own” stop them. This is why some ppl make tons of money and others make ZERO!

There are FOUR things that you ABSOLUTELY NEED to run a successful online business.
1. Domain name – $10.00/YR
2. Funnel software – $47.00/MO – $297.00/MO
3. AUTORESPONDER form – $15.00/MO – $19/MO
4. TRAFFIC – YOU DETERMINE YOUR OWN ADVERTISING BUDGET. SOME PEOPLE invest $100 a month… some people invest $100 a day… some people invest $5k a day. Nobody can tell YOU your dang advertising budget just know that if you DON’T have one, it will take LONGER to see results!

If you are desiring to consider yourself a BUSINESS OWNER… STOP asking other’s “how much does it cost” and ask YOURSELF “how much do I believe in myself…. how much am I willing to invest in myself… how much time am I willing to commit… how much patience am I going to have”.





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Entrepreneurship vs Job

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is HARDER than working a JOB… but it’s more REWARDING than being (just over broke). Keep pushing! If it was THAT easy, everybody would be doing it.

When ppl QUIT on entrepreneurship, what do they do? Run back to a JOB… WHY? Because it’s the EASY WAY OUT. You can actually have a Job to FINANCE your dreams. Don’t get complacent with being average.  Being average is NOT on my TO-DO list.

Wouldn’t you prefer to leave something for your kids? Your family?  Build a business!


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What is a blog?

What is a blog?  A blog is simply online real estate to a certain degree.  If you think about real estate, and you think about doing business online, you should be thinking about BLOGGING!  I started blogging before I even really understood what it really was… this is why I have a BOOK lol.  I knew blogging was powerful but I didn’t really know that blogs meant WEB LOG.  Meaning, it was suppose to be ONLINE!

That’s the best part about being in business, you learn from trial and error.  Although I sold many copies of the book, I learned that blogging was for the internet.

If you would like to start your own business and want to get started with setting your blog up, CLICK HERE to get more FREE valuable training

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