A REAL online business model!

I opened my first office in 2004. Let me tell you how it went, so you can get a FULL understanding of what a REAL business is. My first office space cost me $800.00 deposit and $400.00 PER MONTH. Just because I had an office meant absolutely nothing!  I also had to buy office furniture… […]

What marketers need!

Most newbie marketers need a “done for you” system because they don’t know how to build the system on their own. Intermediate marketers also use “done for you” systems because they have not yet learned to build a system and it’s more convenient and they can just plug in and promote the system without the […]

Entrepreneurship vs Job

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is HARDER than working a JOB… but it’s more REWARDING than being (just over broke). Keep pushing! If it was THAT easy, everybody would be doing it. When ppl QUIT on entrepreneurship, what do they do? Run back to a JOB… WHY? Because it’s the EASY WAY OUT. You can actually have a Job […]

What is a blog?

What is a blog?  A blog is simply online real estate to a certain degree.  If you think about real estate, and you think about doing business online, you should be thinking about BLOGGING!  I started blogging before I even really understood what it really was… this is why I have a BOOK lol.  I […]

Top three ways to make money

There are 3 ways that I use to make money online and offline 1. I specialize in Referrals – I searched for companies that I believed in and felt comfortable about advertising for their products and services and then I began referring the companies to people who needed what they had to offer. This is […]