Top three ways to make money

There are 3 ways that I use to make money online and offline

1. I specialize in Referrals – I searched for companies that I believed in and felt comfortable about advertising for their products and services and then I began referring the companies to people who needed what they had to offer. This is a great way to make money and I am currently using this technique as one of my business formats.

2. I started with Affiliate Marketing – I signed up with an affiliate network and begin selecting specific products to promote. After I selected a product, I created an entire marketing campaign around the product or services. I then created a blog, squeeze page, and auto responder form to begin capturing the leads each time someone visited my site regarding the product I was promoting. This way if the potential buyer didn’t take any action at the time they visited the site, I could follow up with them and begin building a relationship with them through emails. The more comfortable your potential buyer feels through your emails, the more likely they are to purchase through your affiliate link. This is a fantastic way to make money and I currently use this as one of my business formats as well.

3. I love Network Marketing – I searched for a platform with a product, service, or system ALREADY in place. The system was everything I was searching for because everything they offer, I actually need and USE on a daily basis. I didn’t have to be sold on the tools because I know for a fact that the tools they offer are necessary for online business models. After I connected with the company, I began promoting and advertising to help other make money as well. This is a SUPERB way of making money and I currently use this as one of my business formats as we..

Note: IF you are a BEGINNER, don’t try to do ALL THREE at once. Find ONE thing to do… work it UNTIL it works… and THEN move on to the next. It will be greater later. No one comes online and begins to make a million in 30 days. It takes TIME, WORK, EFFORT, and INVESTMENT if you want to see life changing numbers.

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Racheal Stribling


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